Is Duncan Hines Vegan?

Is Duncan Hines Vegan

Does Duncan Hines have vegan frosting? Is Duncan Hines cake mix vegan? Is Duncan Hines vegan? The answer is yes—and no. Surprisingly, a majority of Duncan Hines’ products are vegan and safe to consume as they do not contain animal-based ingredients. It is important to note that not all of their products are vegan. That’s … Read more

Does Red Robin Have Vegan Options?

Does Red Robin Have Vegan Options

Going out as a vegan, specifically going for food with non-vegans, can be difficult, to say the least as many popular chain restaurants do not have vegan options. One popular restaurant chain, Red Robin is understandably popular for its gourmet burgers and brews. But are there vegan options at Red Robin? And what are the … Read more

Is Butter-Flavored Crisco Dairy-Free?

Is Butter-Flavored Crisco Dairy-Free

Is Crisco vegan? Is Butter-Flavored Crisco Dairy-Free? It is! Vegan butter and vegan shortening can be hard to come across, well, used to be. Now that the vegan diet and lifestyle has been supported and backed by so many studies—and proven that, yes, we can consume protein and B12 from sources other than meat—people have … Read more

Does Cream Of Tartar Have Dairy?

Does Cream Of Tartar Have Dairy

Is cream of tartar vegan? Yes, indeed it is! Cream of tartar does not contain dairy or any animal-derived ingredients (and has nothing to do with tartar sauce, which is not vegan). So, what is on the cream of tartar ingredients list? Cream of tartar is basically derived from tartaric acid, which is found in … Read more

Is Pizza Hut Garlic Sauce Vegan?

Pizza Hut Garlic Sauce Vegan

For all the cheese lovers out there, you may ask a dire question—Is pizza vegan? And for all of the Pizza Hut lovers out there you may ask a second essential question–Is Pizza Hut Vegan and Pizza Hut Garlic Sauce Vegan? These questions have been asked before, hence the reason there are search engine fillers and … Read more

Are Double-Stuffed Oreos Vegan?

Are Double-Stuffed Oreos Vegan

Are Oreos vegan? Is there dairy-free Oreos? But more importantly, are Double-Stuffed Oreos vegan? The answer is yes! Oreos are vegan with the exception of a few flavors that contain honey. It’s important to note that there is a risk of cross-contamination from the usage of equipment. Some may not care about that risk too … Read more

Is McDonald’s Ice Cream Vegan?

Is McDonald’s Ice Cream Vegan

Is McDonald’s vegan? Does McDonald’s have vegan ice cream? Sadly, the answer is no. McDonald’s is not very vegan-friendly. They don’t have a vegan McFlurry to satisfy your late-night cravings either! Compared to other fast-food chains, McDonald’s has been the slowest in adjusting to the plant-based frenzy to make vegan foods available to loyal customers. … Read more

Do Vegans Eat Flour?

Do Vegans Eat Flour

Is all-purpose flour vegan? Can white flour be vegan? Does anybody know whether flour itself is vegan? All of your questions will be answered here! Thankfully, flour itself is vegan-friendly as it is made from plants, or more specifically, grains. There are other types of flour like coconut flour, almond flour, chickpea flour, and more … Read more

Top 5 Best Store Bought Curry Sauces On Amazon

best store bought curry sauce

Whether it’s for your weekly meal prep or a dinner party with friends, making a curry is always a good idea. Full of vegetables and packed with flavor, curry is satisfying and so delicious. When making a curry at home, having the best store-bought curry sauce on Amazon is efficient and the key to success. … Read more

Can Vegans Eat Potato Chips?

can vegans eat potato chips

Introduction  Are chips vegan? And more importantly, are potato chips vegan? The answer is yes—but be cautious, there are certain flavors of potato chips that are not vegan-friendly. Think flavors like “Sour Cream & Onion” or cheesy flavors like “Aged White Cheddar”. As a vegan, it should be recommended to double-check the ingredients list of … Read more