How Long Does Vegetarian Chili Last In The Fridge?

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How long does vegetarian chili last in the fridge? How long does vegetarian chili last for? How long does chili pepper last in the fridge? And, how many times can you reheat chili? All understandable and completely, relatable questions. Well, compared to meat-containing chili, vegetarian chili lasts much longer in the fridge, up to about 3 days longer! Some may ask, “What is vegetarian chili made of?”. Vegetarian chili can be made using all the ingredients normal chili does minus the meat. And vegan chili would be excluding the cheese and include the vegan cheese. Chili pepper, on the other hand, lasts about one week in the fridge if properly stored. There is no limit to how often you can reheat chili but is recommended the less the better. If you are more inclined to reheat foods, then it is recommended that you use single-serve dishes to limit the number of times the food is reheated. 

In this article, we are going to go over the length of time vegetarian chili can last in the fridge. We’ve gone ahead and added some vegan and vegetarian chili brands that are healthy, flavorful, and easy to heat up on busy days, for all of the chili lovers out there! 

How Long Does Vegetarian Chili Last In The Fridge

 how long does vegetarian chili last in the fridge

Homemade vegetarian chili lasts about 4-7 days in the fridge, but if placed in the freezer, can be preserved for 3-4 months. Make sure after cooking the chili, you wait for the chili to cool to room temperature before storing it in an airtight container. Chili that does not contain meat lasts longer than chili that does contain meat, as the meat has a higher risk for bacteria. 

Vegan Chili Brands

Amy’s Kitchen, Organic Medium Chili With Vegetables

Vegan, gluten-free, and kosher, this Organic Medium Chili With Vegetables by Amy’s Kitchen is notably delicious with its inclusion of organic vegetables. With just the right amount of spice, this vegan chili by Amy’s Kitchen is savory with added flavors from corn, carrots, potatoes, and bell peppers for a nutritional bonus. 

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Amy’s Kitchen, Organic Medium Chili 

Amy’s Kitchen has curated this Organic Medium Chili, packed with flavor and just the right amount of medium spice. With organic red beans and tofu that are simmered in a flavor-packed Mexican-style broth, this vegan chili is a necessity as a go-to in the kitchen. This Organic Medium Chili is not only vegan, but it is also gluten-free, tree nut-free, kosher, and has options for light in sodium available. 

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Amy’s Kitchen, Organic Spicy Chili, Light In Sodium

Containing 50% less sodium than their regular chili, Amy’s Kitchen has cooked together this Organic Spicy Chili with the desired lower sodium content. The kick of jalapeño blends together with the bell pepper, garlic, and Mexican-style broth, to combine into one kicking vegan chili. This chili is also gluten-free, kosher, and tree nut-free. 

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Better Bean, Three Sisters Chili

Better Bean named this Three Sisters Chili after the three companion plants of Native American agriculture: beans, squash, and corn. Completely vegan and plant-based, this Three Sisters Chili is nutritiously sound and beneficial, with the necessary addition of impactful flavor. Enjoy on its own or pair with a vegan hot dog or pour over a baked potato for added flavor! 

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365 Everyday Value, Organic Three Bean Chili

This Organic Three Bean Chili by 365 Everyday Value is an excellent source of fiber with a whopping 13g! Wholly organic in its ingredient usage, this vegan chili is also low-fat and has a plant-based protein punch of 17g per serving. And who said vegans don’t get enough protein through eating plants?!

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Plantstrong, Organic Creamy White Bean Chili

100% plant-based, Plantstrong’s Organic Creamy White Bean Chili is oil-free, lightly salted, and contains no added sugar. Using a mild take on the usage of the white chili, Plantstrong uses cumin, smoked paprika, and roasted green chilis to obtain their desired impact of undeniable flavor. One container is 330 calories and packs 14g of protein! 

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Plantstrong, Engine 2 Firehouse Chili

100% plant-based, Plantstrong’s Engine 2 Firehouse Chili is organic, oil-free, lightly salted, and contains no added sugar. The recipe and name for this chili were inspired by Rip’s, the CEO of Plantstrong, history as a firefighter at the Engine 2 Firehouse in Austin, Texas. 

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Amy’s Kitchen, Gluten-Free Vegan Chili Mac

For all the chili and mac & cheese lovers out there, this Gluten-Free Vegan Chili Mac by Amy’s Kitchen is specifically designed with you in mind. Gluten-free, kosher, and vegan, this magnificently designed plant-based food is made with tomatoes, beans, and organic rice pasta. Get ready to have a new family favorite with this temptable vegan-friendly Gluten-Free Vegan Chili Mac. 

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Eden Foods, Black Bean & Quinoa Chili

Eden Foods’ Black Bean & Quinoa Chili is set apart from other vegan and vegetarian chilis with its quinoa ingredient inclusion. With organic black turtle beans, organic whole grain quinoa, and organic chili spiced tomato sauce, mixed together into one bursting batch of impressive flavor, this Black Bean & Quinoa Chili is unreal in nutritional and flavorful power. Bursting with important nutrients like folate, zinc, potassium, thiamin, and more, this vegan and vegetarian chili is one you need to invest in. 

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how long does chili pepper last in the fridge?

Up to seven days if properly stored.

What is vegetarian chili made of?

Vegetarian chili is normally made out of a combination of different vegetables, depending on the recipe. More likely than not, the vegetarian chili will include, at least, some type of bean.

How long does vegetarian chili last for?

Vegetarian chili lasts anywhere from three to seven days, depending on if it is properly sealed and if it was cooled to room temperature before being sealed.

how many times can you reheat chili?

As many times as you'd like, but it is recommended to not go overboard and to use single-serve containers when reheating.

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