Is It A Sin To Be Vegan?

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Vegans are holding the line against animal cruelty and environmental destruction, but some Christians find it to be a sin. Are veganism, or vegetarianism for that matter, sinful?

Some people believe that being vegan is a sin. This article discusses whether or not it is healthy to be vegan. Read more in detail here: is being vegan healthy.

What does the Bible say about eating animals?

A: The Bible does not explicitly say anything about eating animals. However, it does mention that God created all of the animals in the world and that humans are to be kind to them. Additionally, there is a passage in Leviticus which states that you shall eat no swine flesh and You shall not eat any detestable thing. This means that you should not eat pigs or dogs because they are considered unclean.

What does the Bible say about eating animals in the New Testament?

A: The Bible does not specifically mention eating animals in the New Testament. However, it is generally accepted that the Old Testament rules about animal sacrifice were no longer applicable after Christs death and resurrection.

The “christian vegetarian association” is a group of people that are Christian vegetarians. They have been around for a long time and have many members.

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