Is Kevin Murphy Vegan?

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Kevin Murphy is a renowned vegan chef and the creator of award-winning cookbooks. This month marks the 40th anniversary since his eponymous book became an international sensation, but he’s still at it with new titles like “The Green Kitchen.” Piecing together how to eat plant-based if you are not unfamiliar with this lifestyle?
If you’re part of Kevin’s cult following, check out these tips for all things veggie. If you really want to see what life would be like without animal products in your diet, commit to going 100% vegan by July 22nd!

Kevin Murphy is a vegan, and has been since the early 1990s. He started his company in 1997 with a single product: “Pure Protein.”

Kevin Murphy is a vegan, and he has been known to use cruelty-free products in his hair. Reference: kevin murphy shampoo.

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