Best Vegan English Muffin Brands

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Between breakfast sandwiches or toasted with your favorite spread, English muffins are a breakfast staple for many – myself included. When I started plant-based eating, I was bummed to find out that English muffins are not traditionally vegan. Thankfully, as the vegan diet has become more popular, there are now a few vegan English muffin brands on the market.

How To Choose The Best Vegan English Muffin Brand

When it comes to grocery shopping as a vegan, it can quickly turn into a decision overload. There are a lot of factors that play into what you buy at the store. This includes accessibility, quality, price, perceived healthiness, packaging, labels, and so much more!

Long story short: it’s best to figure out what are you’re looking for before you head to the grocery store and get overwhelmed. I’ve created this article to serve as a guide to vegan English muffins by brand. I’ve broken down each brand’s English muffins by varieties, quality, and other attributes to make your decision easier.

Additional Tips for Vegan Grocery Shopping

Before you head to the store to pick up some vegan English muffins, there’s a couple of things to note. Vegan options for pantry staples are more commonly available, but it can still be tricky. Items labeled vegan may not be due to various definitions of vegan eating and sneaky ingredients that are not vegan-friendly.

1.Look For a Vegan Certification.

A Certified Vegan Logo on a packaged good means that the item has been tested by a third party, Vegan Action. This certification process ensures no animal products or by-products are included in the product and that there is no animal testing. By going through an application process, products with this logo can be trusted to be vegan.

2.Read the Ingredients.

When a product states that it’s vegan but doesn’t have the logo, you can always read the ingredients list to double-check. Non-vegan ingredients found breads include eggs, honey, gelatin, or dairy. Some sugars are not vegan-friendly ingredients and can be easy to overlook in an ingredients list. The rule of thumb here: organic sugar, beet sugar, and coconut sugar are vegan because it is not processed using animal by-products.

3.When in Doubt, Make Your Own.

There are endless vegan recipes online, even for English muffins! If you have a traditional recipe, you can also swap out the non-vegan ingredients for plant-based options. When making your own English muffins, the two non-vegan ingredients to substitute are cow’s milk and butter.

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Vegan English Muffin Brand Recommendations

Dave’s Killer Bread

If you prefer whole-grain bread, Dave’s Killer Bread (DKB) is the brand you’re looking for.

They have two options of vegan English muffins available: Killer Classic English Muffins & Rockin’ Grains English Muffins. The Killer Classic variety has five super grains and compares to traditional English muffins. The Rockin’ Grains variety serves as a whole grain option, with 20 g whole grains, that contains DKB’s Grain and Seed Mix.

Dave’s Killer Bread states on their FAQ page that their products “do not contain animal products and are considered vegan”. DKB does not have a Certified Vegan Logo on their products. They are Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Kosher, and have a Whole Grain Stamp.

Food For Life

If you’re looking for a variety of vegan English muffins or have a specific diet to follow, check out Food For Life.

Their flavors include:

  • 7 Sprouted Grains
  • Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain Flax
  • Genesis 1:29 Sprouted Whole Grain
  • Cinnamon Raisin Sprouted Whole Grain

They have two gluten-free options, the Gluten-Free Brown Rice and the Gluten-Free Multi Seed English Muffins. Additionally, they have a Sprouted Grain Low Sodium variety.

Food For Life products do not have a Certified Vegan Logo, but they have a long list of other certifications, including Certified USDA Organic, Non-glyphosate, Non-GMO Certified, SQF, and Kosher Certified.

Rudi’s Bakery

If you’re simply looking for organic, preservative-free English muffins, Rudi’s Bakery will be the brand for you.

Rudi’s offers three vegan English muffin options:

  • Whole Grain Wheat
  • White
  • Multigrain Flax

Rudi’s is known for their organic bakery items that do not contain any artificial preservatives. Their products do not have a Certified Vegan Logo, but they are Certified USDA Organic.

Trader Joe’s

If you’re on a budget and just need a cheap English muffin option, Trader Joe’s is your best bet.

Trader Joe’s Classic English Muffin is the cheapest English muffin that may be considered vegan, depending on your definition of vegan. When reading the ingredient list for their English muffins, they are vegan. The potential red flag here is that the type of sugar used in the ingredient list is not specified. If it is not organic sugar, it would not be considered vegan for some people.

Local Vegan Bakeries

If you like to shop local, find a vegan bakery!

Supporting local businesses, or vegan bakeries in this case is always an option for finding vegan goods. The downside here is that English muffins may not always be a common bakery item. Speak with your local vegan bakery to see if they would consider adding English muffins to their menu. They can also tell you more about sourcing the ingredients they use.

Are English Muffins Healthy?

They can be! Vegan English muffins remove the dairy and are just as tasty compared to traditional English muffins. Compared to other breads, English muffins are smaller in size and typically lower in calories.

Some varieties of English muffins are made with whole grains, which are a great source of fiber and minerals. This kind of English muffin is going to be the healthiest and a good way to add whole grains into your diet. Check the label on the package for the Whole Grain Stamp.


There are many brands that now make vegan English muffins. It can be exhausting to figure out which English muffin option is best for you. Depending on what you prefer and your dietary needs, this guide can help you figure out the best brand of vegan English muffins for you.

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